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I’m Nana Ariel. I specialize in rhetoric – in theory and in practice.
After a year of post-doctorate at Harvard University I returned to Israel to do what I love best: teaching adventures.
I worked with many educators, students, artists, activists and entrepreneurs on public speaking in a unique approach. My experience in teaching public speaking and the techniques I have developed enable me to give you the most professional guidance, in a welcoming and personal atmosphere.

enter site Selected feedback (from anonymous surveys):

Nana is uncompromisingly professional. She knows how to instruct and guide in a way that allows each person to reach his or her full potential.

A serious and energetic lecturer. Nothing escapes her observation. Each issue receives the best possible treatment.

She’s amazing! Caring, attentive, inspires confidence, sharp, smart, and a good listener. The course was amazing and conveyed a significant process which was very instructive.

Wonderful lecturer… Her extensive dedication is highly noticeable. Lovely personal attention toward the students. Does her utmost so that the students can acquire the necessary skills for lecturing. Wonderful.

[The course] was interesting and enjoyable and also challenging. A special and enriching experience not available elsewhere. More than that, the warm, inviting attention is highly necessary in such an unusual and even threatening experience, and it is fortunate Nana was there provide it. Thank you!

Nana is devoted in a way I have never experienced – takes great care with each student and provides exceptional personal attention. She is intelligent and very open to students’ ideas and encourages them.

The course provided unique tools for public speaking and lecture construction. Thanks very much!

Nana is a wonderful lecturer, gives her all to the students, long after formal lesson hours. She gave us tools we can use our whole lives.

Thank you for this journey.

Nana is the best lecturer I’ve had my entire degree and I’m in my final year. She’s dedicated right until the end of the course, innovative, provides original materials, and constructed a lesson plan that made even the most bashful students who hadn’t said a word in all their years of study into professional public speakers. Her personal feedback after every lesson stunned us all. We can only offer her our thanks.

Nana knows how to guide us in a clear and accurate manner, and the course was so well-constructed that we had enough time to create our lecture according to schedule. Everything was conducted pleasantly, with Nana being available and attentive to every single thing we required, while also being impressive and inspiring as a lecturer.