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“Rhetoric is the ability to see the available means of persuasion in each particular case,” wrote Aristotle, and indeed, good public speaking means finding the best way to express ourselves in a reliable and persuasive way in a specific context. There are many useful public speaking tips (you can find some here in the Idea Archive), however there is no definitive way to speak, detached of a specific context and of your own personality, and no manual can replace personal contact and practice. In order to refine your speech you will need a listener to serve as a mirror.

Practicing public speaking includes working on your argumentation, your voice control, body language, presentation style – In fact, it entails working on any possible aspect, depending on your needs. However, most of all, it is about exploring ways that will make you feel confident and enjoy speaking.  When it works, public speaking is self-challenging yet extremely satisfying.

You may find out that words can actually do things!